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Moisture Gel Ankle Socks
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Brand: Softwell
model: BJ094
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Update date 2012-10-30 10:19
 Footcare Socks

. Lining Added: Polymer gel 67% or 100%
. Gel Material: 80% macromolecule TPR, 20% SEBS
. Moisture gel it breakthrough medical technology to continuously moisturize skin
. Material: 90% cotton, 10% elastic
. The gel is touch in the feet, reach moistly, to clear away the cuticle and repair the skin cut function
. Non-slip sole print
. A Moisture Gel Series: Foot covers, 5 toes socks, heel covers, ankle sheath, socks, gloves and more
. Size: 22 ~ 23 cm (terry ankle socks)
. Color: Pink, lilac, gray, white, black